San Miguel de Allende 18 October 2017

We are off to a really late start. I confess I am not feeling great. Not sure what is the problem. I figure I need food in my tummy. (Whatever is wrong, feed it!) We are amazed it’s lunch time already! So off to Garambullo for a mid-day meal. I have a fabulous whole wheat panini of Brie cheese, pear, goat cheese and pesto sauce. Can you imagine that? It was fabulous! There was also a little green salad on the plate. H had enchiladas with beans. He was disappointed that it was rather bland. He should have asked for the red sauce they served on my chilequilles a couple of days earlier. We both had agua fresco made of guava and rosemary—it was delicious.

We had planned to go to Fabrics la Aurora for the afternoon, an old fabric manufacturing building that now houses individual shops. But I am not feeling great. So we decide to “veg” at home. I start a new book, drink more water and by 6pm I’m ready for dinner.

Our destination is La Mezcaleria since we had such a great meal there earlier. We can’t resist the margaritas and the grilled vegetables. H has the filet of beef in a coffee & herb rub. I’m not super hungry so I have the the grilled rib eye with chipotle and fried leek tostada. H tried the Allende (local) beer and I had my favorite Sauvignon Blanc from the Guadaloupe Valley, Mexico vintner Monte Xanic. We had the outdoors to ourselves but I think the mosquitos also had dinner while we were there.

We had a nice walk home. Tomorrow is my 65th BIRTHDAY!

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