Mesa Verde N. P.

05/06 We are up at 6:30. Rain threatens as we get packed up. We have a 2.5 hr drive to Mesa Verde National Park in CO. This park features cliff houses built by the Pueblo people from 550 AD to 1300.

It rains the entire way but not enough to be scary. We stop at the visitor center. They say the inclement weather is expected to continue tomorrow. There are 2 guided tours that we must book and pay for in advance. Since we have the dogs we are debating what to do. We decide to just do a self-tour that includes a driving tour and an self-guided tour of one of the cliff dwellings.

On our way up the mountain we stop at the lodge’s grill and have Navajo Tacos for lunch–fry bread with beef chili and the usual taco toppings. We order “to go” and eat with the doggies. During lunch in Diana the rain turns slushy–is it going to snow?? I put on long underwear and find wool hats and gloves.

The driving tour includes scenic views of the cliff dwellings as well as communities of pit houses (housing that was partially underground). Spruce house, a cliff dwelling, was really interesting. We were able to really see how the people lived.

We camp in the park campground and go to sleep serenaded by thunder and an incredible light show.

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