Lake Powell

There’s not a lot to be said about Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Recreational Park. If you’re a boater, this is your place. This area was flooded by Hoover Dam several decades ago. The controversy over the destruction of incredibly beautiful canyons is still alive. The lake is beautiful: blue water against the red rocks. And I suppose an argument could be made that more people enjoy this area now that it is a lake. But I believe that too much was lost in order for drunk boaters to zoom around a lake that is surrounded by beauty that doesn’t interest the boaters at all. If you want verification of my belief consider this: you can only buy 24 packs of the worst tasting domestic beer at the campsite store.

Controversy #2: The coal-powered power plant on Indian property adjacent to Hoover Dam. This power plant has polluted an incredibly huge area of the southwest. For example, the last time we were at the Grand Canyon there were pictures of the area before and after the power plant that needed no narrative. It is incredible that this plant has continued to operate.


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