Kodachrome State Park

05/01 Our next stop is just a 30 minute drive to Kodachrome State Park. After our full day yesterday we just set up camp and relaxed. It was cold and very windy so we stayed in cozy Diana. The sitting area is very comfortable and has enough room for the 5 of us. We read and I caught up a little on my travelogue. We had leftovers from prior dinners for both lunch and dinner so it was easy. Lucien almost snatches a big piece of leftover steak that we have left on the cocktail table! But we catch the thief in time.

Kodachrome has unique stone spires. I know I keep using the adjective “unique” but it’s true of every place we’ve been!!

On our walk at dusk with the dogs we met a really nice man. He and his group were from Minnesota. He was probably in his 50s, had a huge beard and the most lovely, open face. It’s hard to explain but he exuded peacefulness. Toby’s reaction to him reinforced our feelings about him–Toby did not bark once! We were sorry to hear that he and his family would be leaving early the next day. It would have been nice to get to know him better.

05/02 Last night was incredibly cold–well below freezing. We turned the heater on and it cycled on and off all night. It’s really loud but we needed heat so we left it on. We have a propane furnace but our carbon monoxide monitor is past its replacement date and H doesn’t want to chance it–we don’t want to die so soon after retirement day! Later today we’ll go the the hardware store down the highway in the little town of Tropic. It is supposed to be as cold or colder tonight than last night.

We are concerned about finding a campsite at our next stop at Lake Powell. There is no cellphone coverage here so we are not able to call ahead. H suggests we stop at the ranger station and see if they can help–and the ranger is incredibly helpful! He gives me access to the computer and then lets me call the campground. We are all set for tomorrow in Glenn Canyon National Recreation Park at Lake Powell!

About 10 miles from here on a dirt road is a natural rock arch. We’d love to see it; it would be a good photography subject. We were a little concerned about taking Diana over 20 miles of washboard but she did well. (At least as far as we can tell; maybe later we’ll discover a few missing bolts.) The 10 mile one-way trip took a little over 45 minutes because in some places we had to go 5mph and never higher than 20mph. But it was worth it! It was a beautiful arch and the drive favored us with incredible panoramic views. I am vigilant about looking for snakes as the dogs and I walk through the sand to the arch. H and I  have gone back and forth about giving the dogs the rattlesnake venom vaccine. I want to; he is concerned about reactions to the vaccine. The vaccine gives you more time to get to a Vet; it does not prevent a reaction to the venom.

Diana is covered in red dust. All the outside storage drawers are filled with the stuff. Three dogs and 2 humans are also covered in red dust. I guess that’s the price of experiencing Mother Nature’s beauty.

We drive to Tropic and buy a CO detector for $50; that’s the price of living. While we have internet and cell phone access, we book 2 nights in Monument Valley (after Glenn Canyon).

Back at the campground the sun is out and there is little wind! Hurray! We sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

When we take the dogs on a walk, we come upon a lady taking a picture of one of the stone spires in the park. It must be that someone carved this rock–it is the most graphic and real-life stone phallus that you will ever see! We joke with the couple that it would make a great Xmas photo and offer to take their picture in front of it. They decline.

The couple ask about our tripods and a nearby man comes over to hear the story and meet the puppies. But Toby is still a pill with his barking and we begin to put him in Diana in his crate for barking. Some people and dogs are OK but others are not. What do those dogs say to him to make him so mad?!

05/03 We wake up alive! The furnace keeps us  wonderfully warm during the  night and it is much more quiet than the heater! This morning it is about 25 degrees but it feels like below zero. We are happy to be warm and cozy in Diana.

H keeps hitting his head in Diana; there are lots of low points in the ceiling. He has quite a gash on his scalp. This morning as he stood up from the “breakfast table” and I saw him look up at the overhead cabinet before he stood up. I said “You’re getting smarter.” He said “I’m tired of beating my brains out!”

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