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San Miguel de Allende 18 October 2017

We are off to a really late start. I confess I am not feeling great. Not sure what is the problem. I figure I need food in my tummy. (Whatever is wrong, feed it!) We are amazed it’s lunch time already! So off to Garambullo for a mid-day meal. I have a fabulous whole wheat panini of Brie cheese, pear, goat cheese and pesto sauce. Can you imagine that? It was fabulous! There was also a little green salad on the plate. H had enchiladas with beans. He was disappointed that it was rather bland. He should have asked for the red sauce they served on my chilequilles a couple of days earlier. We both had agua fresco made of guava and rosemary—it was delicious.

We had planned to go to Fabrics la Aurora for the afternoon, an old fabric manufacturing building that now houses individual shops. But I am not feeling great. So we decide to “veg” at home. I start a new book, drink more water and by 6pm I’m ready for dinner.

Our destination is La Mezcaleria since we had such a great meal there earlier. We can’t resist the margaritas and the grilled vegetables. H has the filet of beef in a coffee & herb rub. I’m not super hungry so I have the the grilled rib eye with chipotle and fried leek tostada. H tried the Allende (local) beer and I had my favorite Sauvignon Blanc from the Guadaloupe Valley, Mexico vintner Monte Xanic. We had the outdoors to ourselves but I think the mosquitos also had dinner while we were there.

We had a nice walk home. Tomorrow is my 65th BIRTHDAY!

San Miguel de Allende 17 October 2017

We were completely lazy this morning. I’ve been trying to connect with a man, Albert Coffee, who has guided tours to a nearby native pyramid. Finally we connect but based on his description, it may be too much for walking with my bad hip. We are emailing back and forth. We’d both like to go.

We have great plans to go first to local Garambullo for breakfast and then to Fabrica la Aurora, once a textile factory but now home to artisanal crafts. We are late to get out and find Garambullo is closed. The lady we met on the first day we tried to eat at Garambullo walked past us so we chatted. She said most restaurants are closed Tuesdays but Pegaso was open today (closed tomorrow). That was great news; we really liked Pegaso.

Before we knew it we were ordering the best margaritas in town! I had beef fajitas and H had Octopus Mexicanos. Both were excellent! Over our second margaritas we decided to go to Fabrica la Aurora another day. We went to a new bakery recommended by Les; bought wine, cheese and sausage at the grocery store; and headed home. My hip was pretty good so I sent an email to Albert saying we’d like to sign up for the tour on Saturday. I hope he believes me that my hip is well enough to walk the tour. I’m trying to believe it myself!

So here we are slugs on the sofa at “home.” I hope we don’t slime up the upholstery!

San Miguel de Allende 16 October 2017

We are happy to have a great breakfast down the street at Garambulla. This tiny restaurant is an example of San Miguel’s commitment to food and healthy food. The owners/ servers are incredibly nice. Although in typical Mexican fashion it is really hard to get the check (la cuenta, por favor) and pay.

Today I avoid the delicious but blow-your-head-off spicy chilaquiles. I go the exact opposite and order waffles with caramel sauce. It was good for a change but I really think the Mexican breakfasts are the best. H orders eggs, nopales (cactus), beans and tomatillo sauce. H says it was great but when we look at the photo I took it just looks an unappetizing green. It was better than that, I promise.

We want to retrace the Food Tour steps and take some pictures. H says earlier that he’s not sure what to buy me for my 65th birthday—so let’s look together. We pass a jewelry store that looks interesting… We come out with beautiful drop earrings—unlike any earrings I have. There are amethysts, pearls and larimar, a beautiful light blue stone from the Dominington Republic. I’m worried they will fall off since they do not have the plastic “guards.” So for my birthday dinner H must watch my earrings every second of the night!

We have lunch at the Peruvian restaurant and it is fantastic! Emergency Pisco Sours! (We were in Portland at a Peruvian restaurant for our 37th anniversary last month and the couple next to us said to their server: EMERGENCY PISCO SOURS! So that’s now our cocktail request.) We had a fabulous lunch:

I had a half avocado with green beans, corn, peas, bell pepper with garlic cream dressing. H had octopus ceviche layered with cooked spicy potatoes and cream garlic dressing. We both had Pisco sours but I switched to Mexican sauvignon blanc to drink with my main dish. Our dessert was incredible: caramel ice cream, candied walnuts and banana brûlée. At home we have a blow torch that would make the sliced bananas brûlée easy! Ask for it next time you’re coming for dinner.

After lunch we wandered around town, did a little souvenir shopping, took a few more pictures and then walked back to the apartment to relax and recuperate.

We later had dinner at Milagros. I had mole enchiladas and H had shrimp tacos. It was just OK. Of course we enjoyed Margaritas. In the next room they were having a great time with gringo bingo.