In France

October 5, 2010

Our flight was a dream compared to what we would have experienced in “economy.” Our food was the same “just OK” meal in economy but the premium included “digestives” after dinner”: I got Liqueur de Poire Willams, a pear liqueur that was very good and H got cognac. Even though we had large seats with lots of leg-room, I only slept about 2.5 hours but H slept a good long while.

At the Paris airport we searched for our luggage only to finally remind ourselves that it had been sent on to our ultimate destination, Montpellier, about 45 minutes from Catherine and Stephen’s house. After about a 20 hour journey we were happy to see our friends’ smiling faces. At home Stephan introduced us to Domaine des Trinités wine, a local winery in which the Hartleys have invested. Cat fixed a lovely supper of smoked salmon, cream cheese, local green olives, French bread, and, the one item I have been waiting for, great French cheese.

We unloaded the gifts to our hosts. The Thomas Keller cookbook set (for French Laundry and Bouchon restuarants) weighed 15 lbs! And I schlepped that in my carry-on. Boy, will I be glad that the return trip will not weigh heavily on my shoulder joint. H luckily found a signed 1st edition of one of Stephan’s favorite authors.

To bed at 11pm and blissful sleep until 9am (I read for about an hour at about 3am). Then we were ready for our 1st full day in France!